SMTDPVA Executive Committee

Now a committee consisting of 116 members is elected to celebrate the 250th Prathista Anniversary in a grand and befitting manner, which falls due on 28-5-2012. The celebration is to last for a year from that date.

Executive Committee
1. Sri. C. R. Sarvothama Mallan President, SMTD Temple Sarvothama Mallan
2. Sri. N. Gopalakrishna Shenoy Joint Custodian, SMTD Temple Gopalakrishna Shenoy
3. Sri. U. Suresh Kumar Member, SMTD Temple suresh kumar
4. Sri. V. J. Satheesh Kumar " Satheesh Kumar
5. Sri. A. N. Janardhana Shenoy " Janardhana Shenoy
6. Sri. J. Radhakrishna Naik " Radhakrishna Naik
7. Sri. M. Sadananda Kini " Sadananda Kini
8. Sri. N. Padmanabha Prabhu " Padmanabha Prabhu
9. Sri. S. Aathmaram Naick " Aathmaram Naick
10. Sri. P. Govinda Kammath, FCA Convener, SMTDPVA Govinda Kammath
11. Sri. Prem G. Pai Joint Convener, SMTDPVA  
12. Sri. K. G. Prakash Bhat Joint Convener, SMTDPVA KG Prakash Bhat
13. Sri. M. R. Manoj Kumar Treasurer, SMTDPVA MR Manoj Kumar
14. Sri. V. Devadasa Pai Karyasthan, SMTD Temple Devadasa Pai
15. Sri. V. Vasudeva Shenoy Chief Patron  
16. Sri. V. G. Narayana Bhat Chief Patron VG Narayana Bhat
17. Sri. G. Madhava Prabhu    
18. Sri. G. Ramachandra Prabhu   G Ramachandra Prabhu
19. Smt. Jayachitra Jayakumar    
20. Sri. G. Venu Gopal    
21. Sri. S. Govinda Kammath    
22. Sri. Sudhir G. Pai    
23. Sri. C. S. Prabhakara Prabhu    
24. Sri. Muraliprasad C. V    
25. Sri. K. G. Divakara Bhat    
26. Sri. L. Sandeep Kumar