Temple History

temple gopuram view

madhavendra swamiji There was a small Siva temple at Muttath owned by a Namboothiri Brahmin, in the 18th century. The Namboothiri gave the temple and the associated land to two GSB families (Alungal and Kothakulangara) and left the place. These familes dedicated the temple and its properties to the GSB community of Muttath. A temple was later constructed (facing East) and prathista done in 1763 AD by His Holiness Srimat Madhavendra Tirtha Swamiji of Kashi Mutt.

At the time of prathista Sri Swamiji gave a comparatively large Narasimha Salagrama to the temple for worship, which is placed in the Srikovil along with the Venkatachalapathy idol. This salagrama is believed to be very auspicious and powerful.

nelli tree It is believed that, before the construction of the temple, the Venkatachalapathy idol was brought here and worshipped under a Nelli Tree (Awla tree) which exists even today at South-West corner of the temple premises. This tree is considered divine and poojas are done at the tree.

The most unfortunate event in the history of the temple happened on the 1st of July 1974 when, the deities of the temple along with other valuables were stolen. The thief who was apprehended within weeks, confided in the Court that even though he was able to take the idols, he could not take away the Golden Casket in which the Sacred Lakshmi Narasimha Salagramam was kept as he had a feeling of electric shock when he tried to touch it. The admission of the thief also goes to establish the divine power of the Sacred Saligramam. The thief was rightly sentenced for imprisonment and he died within days of his release from jail, as was predicted.

Soon after the idols were retrieved from the Court, the Puna Prathishta was performed with much pomp and splendor in 1975. Since then the glory of the temple began to spread and the Gramajanam also prospered by all means.

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